The Staring Cat



She was sat like this for about an hour. Just led in the hallway staring at me! Every time I moved, her eyes would follow and if I looked back at her, we’d end up in a staring contest. She finally stood up and jumped onto my bed for a cuddle. She must have been led, waiting for the perfect opportunity for a cuddle with her mummy!


Happy Birthday


So we got Bluey around two years ago when she was just six weeks old. We got her at the end of June and therefore we figure that her birthday is around mid-May. Her name is Bluebell, despite the fact I wanted to call her Willow. As I picked the breed of cat (silver tabby,) my mum let my sister pick her name. I wasn’t happy with the name decision, because I was horrified at the thought of people calling her Bluey for short, as she’s a female, yet ironically I was the one who started calling her Bluey for short and now her name fits her to a tee.
2013-06-29 17.48.19

We got Bluey after our old cat (Chin-Chin) died. Yes I know our cats tend to have weird names. When we got Chin-Chin, she was actually called Chin and she knew her name by then, so we couldn’t change it. I did sometimes callĀ her Chinners though.

There were three littleĀ kittens when we went to get Bluey. Two girls and a little boy. The other female was already promised to someone else and my mum doesn’t like male animals, so therefore we just ended up with her. Her brother was really active and running around everywhere, her sister was led on her back letting me tickle her tummy whilst she nibbled on my finger and Bluey just led there… You’d pick her up and she’d just sit on you and not move. If it wasn’t for the fact, the sister had been promised to someone else, we would’ve ended up with her, but we didn’t and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Bluey.