Cause of illness


On Saturday I had to take Bo to the vets. She had been pooing brown water for three days. The colouring on her paws had changed and I wondered what it was, but mum just assumed it was a darker coat coming through. Outside of my house was a broken down car with a flat tyre and an oil leak and it turns out that Bo had stood in the oil and was ill from licking the oil off her paws. She had to have an injection and is now on two lots of medication.  I rang the local police and emailed the local council and the car has now been removed.



Before Bluey

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If you looked at one of my other posts, you may have noticed that before we got Bluey, we had a cat called Chin-Chin. It is coming up to the three year anniversary of her death (May 23rd) and therefore I thought I’d tell you a little bit about her story.
She was sat in the cattery with her two kittens, crying at my mum; we never went to see the cats to end up with one, but mum couldn’t help herself and we ended up taking her home with us. She was two years old when we got her and we’re not sure of how she ended up in a cattery, we just hope that it wasn’t due to neglectful or abusive previous owners.


She was the first pet that I properly felt love for, but she wasn’t just my pet, she was also my best friend. She was a hyper cat when she was younger. She used to hide under the bed and then attack my feet as I walked past and she wasn’t exactly gentle about it. She split my lip open once and even somehow ended up dangling from my forehead by just one claw at one point when I picked her up for a cuddle. Saying that now, it makes me laugh, especially the fact that the only injury I ended up with was a pin size hole in my forehead.


There was one time when I caught her attacking a bird, so me and my nan jumped out of the window to rescue the bird and my nan ripped her trousers on the window catch. We squirted her with water and managed to save the petrified bird, although it had a broken wing. I took it in the house with me and made a nest for it out of ripped up bits of kitchen paper. The bird would perch on my finger and sleep in the palm of my hands and I fed it porridge, but when it got to bedtime mum let it out into the back garden and I never saw it again. Although she caught birds occasionally, mice seemed too ‘mainstream’ for her and her favourite thing to kill was dragonflies. A few weeks before she died, she even managed to catch a bat.


It all went wrong when my mum and stepdad split up and we moved house taking Chin-Chin with us. She kept peeing on the floor and drinking excessively. She was constantly perched on the toilet seat drinking out of the toilet. We knew something was wrong, as she stayed this way for a few months and would spend a lot of the time sat in the same place in the front garden.


On the 23rd of May 2011, we took her to the vets in the hope that they could help her. We found out that she had kidney failure and that they could do an operation on her, but it would only prolong her life rather than cure her. As she was 14 years old, mum made the decision to put her to sleep rather than for her to go through an operation at her age, that wouldn’t even cure her. After working with animals and seeing them get put to sleep before, I decided that I would do the same for Chin-Chin and it was okay, because I was used to this. But I was so wrong. I held her as she was put to sleep and now I have to live with the guilt that I helped her to die. I will never get over doing that and also seeing her face afterwards, where her eyes were wide open and her tongue was stuck out. I could never, ever do that again.


I will always love Chin-Chin and I will never ever forget that she was the animal that taught me love. R.I.P Chin and I hope that wherever you are you will be safe until the time comes when you will not be alone anymore.


Cuddle time


Cuddle time

The same thing happens every single morning. Mum opens the door to let Bluey in and feeds her.

Once Bluey has finished eating, she always comes to look for me. I am usually in bed so she will jump onto my bed and lie on me or cuddle up to me and give me kisses with her nose on my face and meow at me to wake up and cuddle her. We will cuddle for a while and then whilst keeping my arms around her, we will both fall back to sleep and have a nice morning nap cuddled up together.


Happy Birthday


So we got Bluey around two years ago when she was just six weeks old. We got her at the end of June and therefore we figure that her birthday is around mid-May. Her name is Bluebell, despite the fact I wanted to call her Willow. As I picked the breed of cat (silver tabby,) my mum let my sister pick her name. I wasn’t happy with the name decision, because I was horrified at the thought of people calling her Bluey for short, as she’s a female, yet ironically I was the one who started calling her Bluey for short and now her name fits her to a tee.
2013-06-29 17.48.19

We got Bluey after our old cat (Chin-Chin) died. Yes I know our cats tend to have weird names. When we got Chin-Chin, she was actually called Chin and she knew her name by then, so we couldn’t change it. I did sometimes call her Chinners though.

There were three little kittens when we went to get Bluey. Two girls and a little boy. The other female was already promised to someone else and my mum doesn’t like male animals, so therefore we just ended up with her. Her brother was really active and running around everywhere, her sister was led on her back letting me tickle her tummy whilst she nibbled on my finger and Bluey just led there… You’d pick her up and she’d just sit on you and not move. If it wasn’t for the fact, the sister had been promised to someone else, we would’ve ended up with her, but we didn’t and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Bluey.