The Staring Cat



She was sat like this for about an hour. Just led in the hallway staring at me! Every time I moved, her eyes would follow and if I looked back at her, we’d end up in a staring contest. She finally stood up and jumped onto my bed for a cuddle. She must have been led, waiting for the perfect opportunity for a cuddle with her mummy!


Split her head



Bluey split her head open a few days ago. Luckily it’s not deep at all, so doesn’t require stitches. We have no idea how she has managed to do it, but we think it could be because she’s on sedatives to stop her having fits. There are no side effects to her head, except for on the day it happened, she was a bit slower. I’m trying to keep her in the house right now, as she has managed to get the scabs off of it and I don’t want it to get infected.