Bertie the bird


I’m used to Bluey catching mice, but today for the first time ever she caught a bird. I heard a loud noise and ran to the conservatory, to see a live bird in her mouth, flapping around, trying to escape. I ran straight into the conservatory and picked Bluey up. I then locked her in the house. My cousin came into the conservatory to help me find the bird, but we couldn’t see it and therefore we started moving the furniture around. We finally found it hiding under a ledge and I proceeded to catch it. It was so scared that it flew straight into the window! I finally caught it.
I noticed that it was gasping for breath, so I continued to hold it for a while to check that it was okay. It was making weird clicking noises.
Once it finally stopped making the clicking noises, I took it into the garden to release it. I sat it on a brick and it just flopped onto it’s side; it was dead. I had tried so hard to save this bird and it was gone! It’s a cruel world and I hate it when my cat kills little animals, but I tried my best to save it and there wasn’t anything more I could do.



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