Bluey health update


The blood tests on Bluey have came back saying that there is nothing wrong with her. She is still on her medication and hasn’t had a fit since. We are going to keep her on the medication for six months and then wean her off.





We finally took Bluey to the vets this morning. We cancelled the last appointment, as we were scared of the costs, but she’s been salivering and howling every day since and this morning we decided that she obviously wasn’t getting better and therefore we needed to do something about it.
When we took her to the vets, they had a look at her and said her body weight and condition is fine, but they needed to do some blood tests on her to see if they could find the cause of what is happening. Whilst they were doing the blood tests, we sat in the waiting room, cuddling 5 week old kittens!
They brought her back to us around ten minutes later, with some medication.
She has to have 2 halves of a tablet daily to control her fits and they think that she may have epilepsy.
We are just waiting on the results from the blood tests!

Going to the vets


I have had to arrange an appointment at the vets for later today, as Bluey does not seem very well at all!
She was in the middle of a sleep and woke up with her eye twitching. Her whole body then began to shake and saliva started pouring from her mouth. I picked her up and she was trying to kick me and scratch me to let go of her. I took her into the bathroom and locked her in there was me. She continued to dribble all over the bathroom floor and then she began crying really loudly, which sounded a bit like howling.
Every time I tried to stroke her, her eyes would go wide and she’d run away.
Once she calmed down, she finally let me stroke her.
She is now her normal self, but I rang the vets for their advice and they’ve advised me to bring her in later, as whatever happened to her does not sound normal!

Bertie the bird


I’m used to Bluey catching mice, but today for the first time ever she caught a bird. I heard a loud noise and ran to the conservatory, to see a live bird in her mouth, flapping around, trying to escape. I ran straight into the conservatory and picked Bluey up. I then locked her in the house. My cousin came into the conservatory to help me find the bird, but we couldn’t see it and therefore we started moving the furniture around. We finally found it hiding under a ledge and I proceeded to catch it. It was so scared that it flew straight into the window! I finally caught it.
I noticed that it was gasping for breath, so I continued to hold it for a while to check that it was okay. It was making weird clicking noises.
Once it finally stopped making the clicking noises, I took it into the garden to release it. I sat it on a brick and it just flopped onto it’s side; it was dead. I had tried so hard to save this bird and it was gone! It’s a cruel world and I hate it when my cat kills little animals, but I tried my best to save it and there wasn’t anything more I could do.