All of my family know that I have an obsession with waffles! The breakfast kind that you put in the toaster.
When I went to work, I would bulk buy them weekly and have them for breakfast and lunch everyday, but when I decided to go on a diet in the bid for a perfect bikini body, this had to stop.
It was only a matter of weeks before I decided to treat myself to just one packet. Mum made me waffles one morning and my sister decided that she wanted to take them upstairs for me, as I was still in bed. Halfway up the stairs Kaylee, tripped and fell down the stairs, dropping the waffles as she went.
All I could hear was Bluey legging it and then Kaylee screaming. Me and mum took Kaylee into the front room to calm her down and when she’d stopped crying, we started calling out for Bluey, as we knew that what had happened had scared her. We called her and called her, but she didn’t respond so I decided to go to the stairs to savour what was left of my waffles…
And that’s where I found Bluey…
Sat on the stairs licking the butter off of my waffles!


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