Waking me up!


In bed going to sleep and all I can hear is ‘MEOW MEOW MEOW’ over and over again as the bathroom window is open. I can tell it is one of my cats, so I turn the lights on, go downstairs and open the front door. Bluey comes running into the house so I figured she was hungry and gave her a few treats. I let her back out and she started sniffing the floor so I step out to have a look. Turned out she’d killed a bird and had been crying at the door for me to go and see my present!


Why neither of my cats are from the RSPCA

cat, rspca

I originally wasn’t going to get a pet cat at all. I was in fact going to foster cats. I applied to the RSPCA and they did a home visit, but our home was not good enough. Animals are meant to go to homes to experience what it’s like to live with a family, yet we were rejected for the fact we didn’t have a spare room, such as a spare bedroom! Surely to teach an animal what it’s like to live with a family, they aren’t going to be locked in a room alone.

We changed tactics and were going to get a kitten from them instead, so once again another home check. We were told we could have an older cat but not a kitten as we live ‘near a main road,’ when most houses are near a main road!

Needless to say, we now have Bluey and Bo from private sellers.

Potential anti-freeze poisoning


Bo was asleep at the end of my bed and started to shake with her eyes completely shut. She couldn’t open her eyes at all and stood up. She tried to walk but fell back down.

I rang the vets and they said that it sounded like she was in the drunk stage of anti-freeze poisoning and we should get her to the vets ASAP. I rang my mum and she came and picked us both up. There was so much traffic, that the drive to the vets was a long one.

When we got there, Bo was seen to straight away. She had usual tests and also extraction of urine from her bladder. There was no anti-freeze poisoning – in fact it turned out that Bo had just been over-reacting to something in her eye!

We left the vets with a lovely bill and a healthy cat who only had to have an eye drop.

Cause of illness


On Saturday I had to take Bo to the vets. She had been pooing brown water for three days. The colouring on her paws had changed and I wondered what it was, but mum just assumed it was a darker coat coming through. Outside of my house was a broken down car with a flat tyre and an oil leak and it turns out that Bo had stood in the oil and was ill from licking the oil off her paws. She had to have an injection and is now on two lots of medication.  I rang the local police and emailed the local council and the car has now been removed.




Bluey is now off of her medication and hasn’t had any fits since! She is much more grumpy now and just wants to sleep all of the time. She has also been spending more time away from home. Some days she comes home late for breakfast. Yesterday we were in a panic, because she didn’t come home until 7 at night and she was starving. I was out calling her for ages and was so happy when I heard her meowing and saw her running towards me!

The New Addition



So Bo is the newest addition to our family, despite the fact we have had her about a month now! We had a dog before Bo, but sadly my mum didn’t connect with her, so we sent her on to a new family and I didn’t want to write about Bo, because I was scared of losing her. I now know that she is a permanent member and I won’t lose her, which is why I can finally speak about her!

She is much different to Bluey. Bluey (despite being only 2) reminds me of an old cat, where she is so lazy and quiet. Bluey is still in her baby years though, where she loves to run around and play.

She is clearly in love with Bluey and follows her everywhere, although Bluey isn’t too happy about it and prefers her own company!

Split her head



Bluey split her head open a few days ago. Luckily it’s not deep at all, so doesn’t require stitches. We have no idea how she has managed to do it, but we think it could be because she’s on sedatives to stop her having fits. There are no side effects to her head, except for on the day it happened, she was a bit slower. I’m trying to keep her in the house right now, as she has managed to get the scabs off of it and I don’t want it to get infected.





Bluey has been on her medication for two months now. We took her to the vets today for her jab, as she is going into a cattery next week! The owner of the cattery has agreed to give her her medication at no extra cost.

When me and mum were at the vets, mum said to the vet that she wants Bluey off of the medication, as she isn’t the same cat since she’s been on it. She’s clumsy and dopey and will just randomly drop to the floor.

The vet responded by saying that give it one more month and then we can wean her off. Mum was happy with that result. She also told us that the medication Bluey is on used to be used as a sedative! I wish we had have been told this before she was put onto the medication as I think that it’s only fair as her owners, we should have known something like this. We didn’t know we have been pretty much sedating our cat for two months!